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“Weird Al” Yankovich Just Trolled Trump With A “Nasty Women” Spoof (VIDEO)

“Weird Al” Yankovich Just Trolled Trump With A “Nasty Women” Spoof (VIDEO)

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The ageless ‘Weird Al’ Yankovich just dropped an epic auto-tune parody trolling Donald Trump with last night’s third and final debate footage, in B-flat minor. In the video, Wierd Al plays a reasonable moderator stuck, planted at the gates of hell asking the two presidential contenders questions as a circle of black clad monks prays behind him. The auto-tune parody was engineered by The Gregory Brothers who invented the entire genre on Youtube, when they took news footage of Antoine Dodson and turned it into the Bed Intruder Song.

Nobody missed Donald Trump’s completely out of place outburst saying, “nasty woman” to Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton at the debate, and “Weird Al” nailed him for it. He rudely interrupted her answer to a question about Social Security – of all things! – and the moment has already sealed its place atop the annals of Trump’s bizarre general election debate comments.

Incidentally, it’s actually an extremely watchable three minute synopsis of the entire debate, so enjoy the best parody of this year’s unprecedented debates between Donald Trump and leading candidate Hillary Clinton:

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