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Trump Campaign Just Got Caught Partying At Strip Club With “Rigged” Mainstream Reporters

Trump Campaign Just Got Caught Partying At Strip Club With “Rigged” Mainstream Reporters

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Trump’s top surrogates and advisors just got caught partying at the “world’s largest” strip club in Las Vegas with members of the very media, which their campaign desperately swears is “rigged” against the Republican candidate’s imploding campaign. The group of prominent Republican surrogates, news producers and campaign officials hung out on the night before this week’s third and final presidential debate.

Sources said that Trump campaign senior communications adviser Jason Miller — along with female colleagues including senior adviser and surrogate A.J. Delgado and deputy communications director Jessica Ditto — went with several members of the media from networks, including CNN, NBC and ABC, to Sapphire Las Vegas Strip Club before the big night.

The very same Trump senior officials who constantly complain about the media’s “bias” forgot that what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay in Vegas when politics are involved.  If the media was truly biased, why would Trump’s senior advisor party it up with a CNN producer and a reporter for NBC?

The Trump campaign’s persistent claims of media bias and shameless attempts to cast doubt on America’s democracy all stem from supporting the most putrid candidate ever to seek the highest office in the land. Without the ‘biased media’ there wouldn’t be a Trump nomination in the first place, considering that the New York Times valued the free media coverage he received at over $2 billion dollars by March of this year alone.

None of his campaign surrogates or communications staff stepped forward with the same complaints in March, when the media was busy giving Trump criminally uncritical and historically unparalleled access to free television broadcast time.

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