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Bachmann Told Obama She’ll “Pray For Him.” His Response Is Hilarious

Bachmann Told Obama She’ll “Pray For Him.” His Response Is Hilarious

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President Obama took a few moments during a recent fundraiser to poke some fun at Tea Party matriarch and firebrand religious extremist Michelle Bachmann, who somehow once held a House of Representatives seat and made a failed run for the presidency.

Bachmann is known for her nonsensical paranoia and outrageous conspiracy theories, like that the popular children’s film the Lion King is “gay propaganda” as well as more sinister ideas like the false accusation that President Obama is a secret member of the Muslim Brotherhood.

While he was busy obliterating Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) for pretending to suddenly be a friend to the Obama administration, he took a moment to mock Bachmann and the more deranged members of the Freedom Caucus for their hare-brained conspiracies:

“To his credit, I will say that he has been very pleasant to me at our Christmas parties…No, he is. I’m serious… This is true — a number of Republican caucus members, like Michele Bachmann, they’ll show up and there’s like good cheer and bipartisanship for one evening.

Some of them say, I’m praying for you. And I don’t question the sincerity that they are praying for me: Please, change this man from the socialist Muslim that he is.”

While it’s all very amusing, it’s also a somber reminder of just how delusional a good portion of not just our legislators but also our citizens are – not only that they believe that he is a “Muslim socialist” but that those are somehow bad things.

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