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Residents Just Filed A Motion To Remove Trump’s Name From Their Building In NYC

Residents Just Filed A Motion To Remove Trump’s Name From Their Building In NYC

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The Trump brand, which has fooled the public with its phony image of glittering fake-gold success has been dealt irreversible damage thanks to the behavior of CEO Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee. Not only are customers fleeing from Trump’s products, which has forced the company to rebrand its future products under the name “Scion“, but now residents who live in Trump-branded buildings are demanding Trump’s name be removed as they do not wish to live under the namesake of a racist demagogue any longer.

Those paying attention know Trump has been an abysmal failure of a businessman after inheriting over $100 million thanks to his predatory slumlord of a father, and that had Trump merely invested his father’s money he would be worth many more billions than he is today. None of this matters to Trump’s supporters, but those who stand against him have taken notice and are putting up a fight to banish Trump from public light.

Numerous individuals living at “Trump Place” in New York city have signed a petition demanding Trump’s name be removed from the building. One resident, Robert Stern, was not intimidated by Trump’s past childlike antics of promising scorched earth against anyone who might dare speak out about him. Stern said, “He’s a jerk. I don’t respect him. I don’t want to be in a building that’s blaring his name. His name used to be gold — but now its fools gold.” Mr. Stern is not alone in his disdain for Trump, as over 80 residents have signed the same petition he did. In another New York City building with the Trump brand, several hundred individuals have demand Trump’s name be removed.

Another tenant of the Trump branded building wasn’t quite as brave as Mr. Stern and asked their name to be withheld from the record. However, they anonymously skewered Trump explaining how living in the building has caused them actual shame, and detailed the ridicule they’ve received from their children:

It’s embarrassing to live in the building. I’ve had lots of friends make comments about it. My kids are so disgusted with Donald Trump that they find it viscerally uncomfortable to live in a building that has his name on it.

The petitions initiated by these individuals standing against Trump’s relentless campaign of hatred and fear are not the last step in removing Trump’s name, as there comes a cost of at least $1 million to produce the results which they seek. Given that Trump’s CEO, Eric Danziger, already acknowledged Trump’s name is costing his businesses money it may turn out the corporation will agree with the residents. also agreed when they wrote, “This may be a smart move, given the increasing signs that Donald Trump’s contentious presidential run is becoming toxic for his brand.”

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Where Forbes and his CEO are incorrect is the damage done to the Trump brand is incalculable and will not be fully known for years. What is now known, however, is the tidal wave of anger against him is rising, and rightfully so. Trump, the man who only cares about money and Twitter, is taking a hit in the only place which matters to him — his checkbook and he deserves to lose as much money as possible due to his disgusting and dangerous political rhetoric.

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