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Trump Fans Are Trying To Supress Hillary Votes With This Viral Graphic

Trump Fans Are Trying To Supress Hillary Votes With This Viral Graphic

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Republican nominee Donald Trump’s army of online trolls have been caught red-handed creating a dangerous hoax to fool the gullible into thinking they can vote online. The BBC has traced the origins of an image which tells voters that they can vote on social media back to the Donald Trump page on Reddit.

The image, which was shared by a Pennsylvania Republican politician on his personal Facebook page, says that you can “Simply post ‘Hillary’ with the hashtag #PresidentialElection on your Facebook or Twitter account between 7:00am and 9:00pm on November 8th!”


While that is obviously nonsense, some folks who aren’t familiar with social media may fall for it – and the Pennsylvania State Department was worried enough to post a warning on their Twitter page:


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Trump fans on Reddit were delighted with the idea, and didn’t hide their enthusiasm for the project:

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From their discussion, it’s clearly a bunch of obnoxious teenagers who think they’re being edgy and laugh at being called “deplorable.” But many elderly folks who don’t use technology that much might actually think online voting is real – which it might be by the time next election rolls around. It’s not the most outlandish idea in the world. But =just to make it clear to everyone, no, you CANNOT vote online. Go to the polls, and make America blue again!


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