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Twitter Is Having A Field Day Mocking Trump’s Planned TV Network

Twitter Is Having A Field Day Mocking Trump’s Planned TV Network

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Republican nominee Donald Trump has been long rumored to be launching a news network to monetize his audience of voters after he inevitably loses this year’s election to Democrat Hillary Clinton. Last night Trump debuted a nightly “news” program from his campaign, which used Facebook Live to demonstrate what biased media really looks like to his audience. Surprisingly, there was no Trump on the show, just a buggy program of his surrogates “interviewing” the top campaign communications staffer that was discovered cozying up with the “biased” mainstream media at last week’s debate and others.

It’s obvious that the Trump campaign is already turning to Plan B to try and keep their viewing audience entertained beyond the election, by launching this  “Newscast” which they plan to send every night on Facebook. Twitter noticed the laughable production and the #RejectedTrumpTVshows hashtag has been trending ever since as users react to Trump’s awful broadcast.

Take a look:

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Two of the most popular shows on television yielded two of the best images of the bunch:

Entertainment blogger Hilton Perez hit the nail on the head with extra style points, for including this amazing video of Tiffany Trump artfully avoiding a kiss from her sex abusing father after his ugly performance at the second presidential debate.

A far more entertaining TV program would be “How Your Mother Met Her My Mistress,” telling the real story of how Trump caused an in person fight between his first wife Ivana and then mistress Marla Maples, which the Washington Post wrote about earlier this month based on a Howard Stern Show recording.

Speaking of the left coast, this one seems more like a Hollywood movie poster, but it could work as ‘How to Lose Melania in 500 Days,’ which Donald Trump should privately worry about every time another one of his female sexual assault accusers steps forward.

Here’s a selection of the rest of the best tweets that we found in #RejectedTrumpTVshows:

Ironically, revelations regarding one of Trump’s many failed ventures, the highly sexist MTV reality show The Girls of Hedsor Hall just came to light. The reality is that Trump is only an on-air “talent” for television, and his lame attempt at producing his own show involved rehashing a tired concept and using it to embarrass and degrade the “contestants” on his show. One of them nearly died during the production and it was cancelled after only eight episodes.

Now that’s a real Rejected Trump TV show.

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