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Here’s Proof That The Iowa Cop Killer Is A Trump Supporter

Here’s Proof That The Iowa Cop Killer Is A Trump Supporter

Many people have been wondering whether or not a white man known for waving Confederate flags at black teenagers and just murdered two cops is a Trump supporter.

Grant Rodgers, a journalist for the Des Moines Register, did some investigating and found some pretty undeniable evidence that yes, Michael Greene Scott supported the Republican nominee for President.


The house is Greene’s last listed address, which he shares with his mother.

Greene turned himself into earlier today and is in custody after allegedly firing thirty or more shots into a parked patrol car, killing two police officers in Des Moines, Iowa. It is the second act of domestic terrorism to take place in the United States in the past day, coming just two hours after Trump supporters in Mississippi set a historically African-American church on fire and spray-painted “VOTE TRUMP” on it.

Donald Trump has begun a movement, indeed – a movement of hatred and violence that has now lead to multiple deaths, thousands of dollars in property damage, and unquantifiable emotional trauma across the nation as Latinos, blacks, Muslims, and sexual assault survivors are forced to bear the brunt of the gaslit firestorm that Trump ignites with his bullying and his dog-whistles.

As we draw closer to election day, these kinds of incidents are going to increase in frequency – and god only knows what will happen when he loses.

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