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Hillary Shuts Down Heckler With Epic Rant Against Trump’s ‘Dark, Divisive, Dangerous Vision’

Hillary Shuts Down Heckler With Epic Rant Against Trump’s ‘Dark, Divisive, Dangerous Vision’

Hilary Clinton has had enough of Donald Trump supporters heckling her at rallies. Obviously frustrated at the fact that their candidate is about to be swept by Clinton, Trump’s fanatic base is shamelessly showing up at Clinton’s rallies to create disruption and provoke responses.

And provoke they did – but not in the way they thought they would. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton used the opportunity to show her leadership and make a powerful stand against their hateful attacks, addressing the perpetrators in front of the crowd.

After seeing a sign that read “Bill Clinton is a rapist,” Clinton passionately declared, ““I’m sick and tired of the negative, dark, divisive, dangerous vision and behavior of people who support Donald Trump.”

The protester’s sign was destroyed by the crowd as he was escorted out.

The disrupter was a follower of website, attributed to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. Jones has been giving out monetary rewards for anyone who is able to cause a disturbance at the Democratic rallies, specifically for questioning Bill Clinton’s integrity and taking attention off Donald Trump’s upcoming rape trial by calling Clinton a rapist. This has led to an increase in incidents, with several taking place just this week.

Jones has promised $1,000 cash to anyone who is able to successfully garner screen time wearing a “Bill Clinton rape” shirt, with an additional $4000 added for chanting while wearing it.

Trump has hypocritically tried to stir up renewed interest in decades-old alleged sexual misconduct by Bill Clinton, who has of course denied these accusations. This is a particularly ironic move for the shameless Trump, who is no doubt guilty of decades of sexual assault.

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It just goes to show how desperate and powerless Trump devotees have become at the campaign’s end of days.

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