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Mavs Fans Got Mad At Mark Cuban For Bashing Trump. His Response Is Perfect

Mavs Fans Got Mad At Mark Cuban For Bashing Trump. His Response Is Perfect

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Mark Cuban has been vocally outspoken about the 2016 election after learning the dark truth about Republican nominee Donald Trump. Initially, Cuban actually supported Trump’s candidacy as someone independent from politics as usual, but as he (and we all) learned more about the dark past of The Donald’s dirty dealings, sexual predations and more, the Dallas Mavericks basketball team owner threw himself wholeheartedly into the political arena, culminating with front row seats to the last presidential debate.

Cuban sat down with local radio broadcasters to discuss rumors that his anti-Trump stance might cost him ticket sales for his NBA franchise. Mark Cuban probably, literally dropped the mic after this response:

“You know what, when it’s all said and done, I’d rather lose every penny than have Trump as president because I care more about the future of my family, my children than I do about my pocketbook. And so if it means we play to empty arenas, I’m down with that.”

“Maybe I pick up some fans. Maybe I lose some fans. I don’t know,. I’ve heard it from both. I’ve had people say ‘there’s no way I can support you. I can’t go to another Mavs game.’ And I’ve had people say ‘you know what? We’re buying Mavs tickets.’ What I’ve heard more often than anything is, ‘are you gonna be this way once the election’s over?’ And the answer is no. You’ve known me forever Newy and I’ve been apolitical my entire adult life and only because I know Donald and I know my feelings about what he would be like as president have I gotten this involved but come November 9, it’s all Mavs all the time.”

Mark Cuban is a shining example of how any American should approach the political arena, which he does by placing integrity over ideology and the good of the country in his viewpoints above the simple view of his bank account’s short term health. Luckily, Cuban is a franchisee in the NBA, which is far and away America’s most progressive major sports league, which doesn’t guarantee ongoing success, but does mean that the typical NBA fan values tolerance and diversity over racial segregation and hatred.


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