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Putin’s Pro-Trump Online Trolls Just Spilled The Beans To Samantha Bee

Putin’s Pro-Trump Online Trolls Just Spilled The Beans To Samantha Bee

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The conservative political machine has been working overtime to try to deny that the government of the Russian Federation is interfering with the American election in support of Republican nominee Donald Trump – but this explosive investigation by former Daily Show correspondent Samantha Bee proves once and for all that dictator Vladimir Putin is using every tool at his disposal to tilt the scale in favor of Trump.

Samantha Bee, now the host of her own show, traveled to Moscow to interview two of the “thinkfluencers,” members of Putin’s underground troll farms that pose as Americans online and flood social media with pro-Russian and pro-Trump propaganda.

“The reason I’m hired is to make simple people change their mind about their vote and also about Russia” said one woman, who admitted she identifies herself as a Nebraskan housewife online. When asked why they thought their propaganda was working, she replied it was because Americans are “lazy and they believe everything they read.”

Given that Trump fans believe that Obama is a secret Muslim, Hillary Clinton has murdered dozens of people, the military is planning to impose martial law on Texas and that the government is turning people gay with chemtrails, it’s hard to argue with that.

But it’s even more proof that our nation’s greatest geopolitical rival is interfering in our election to elect a would-be autocrat to serve their own purposes.

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