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Arkansas Republicans Put The Word “Liar” In Hillary’s Name On Ballot

Arkansas Republicans Put The Word “Liar” In Hillary’s Name On Ballot

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The signs that the Republican Party is purposefully doing everything they can to repress the vote and use every trick in the book to somehow sway voters is clear as day. As the Donald Trump campaign is hit with four different lawsuits over their voter suppression campaigns, it’s been discovered that the early voting ballots in Arkansas have a very disturbing “typo” on them.


Early voting ballots in Lanoke County read “Hilliary Clinton.”

Since the Republican Party has been demonizing Hillary Clinton for being “crooked” and a “liar” and a literal demon for years on end, it’s hard to imagine this being an honest “typo.”

It’s just another subliminal way that the right-wing is trying to tip the scales in favor of their candidate, who, we need not remind you, is actually an a pathological liar, a serial sexual predator, a thief, and a racist.

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