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A Cop Was Just Fired For Feeding A Homeless Man A Literal “Sh*t Sandwich”

A Cop Was Just Fired For Feeding A Homeless Man A Literal “Sh*t Sandwich”

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In one of the more disturbing stories of police disrespect towards the people they are meant to be protecting and serving, a San Antonio police office has been fired for giving a sandwich filled with fecal matter to a homeless man.

Officer Matthew Luckhurst told one of his cop buddies that “he had picked up some feces, placed it in a slice of bread, and put it in a Styrofoam container next to the unknown homeless male. The officer reported that he told Luckhurst to go back and throw it away. The officer said he saw Luckhurst go back and he assumed that Luckhurst discarded the container” said the San Antonio Police Department in a statement.

Luckhurst was immediately fired, but is appealing his suspension, saying it was just a “joke” that went too far.

We applaud the San Antonio Police Department for doing the right thing and immediately firing this man, who is a disgrace to his badge. Despite America’s persistent refusal to recognize them as such, the homeless are people who deserve to be treated with the same dignity that every human deserves.

The homeless are the victims of an uncaring society ruled by cutthroat capitalism, a waste of human potential and a representation of all our sins. For them to be abused by those sworn to protect just goes to show how law enforcement in the United States treat our citizens like occupiers and not as guardians.

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