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BUSTED: Giuliani’s Law Firm Has Gotten $563,000 From Shady Trump PAC

BUSTED: Giuliani’s Law Firm Has Gotten $563,000 From Shady Trump PAC

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In case anyone needed any more evidence that Republican nominee Donald Trump’s campaign is largely an elaborate scheme to make a quick buck, look no further than his number one surrogate, decrepit lichlord and appalling misogynist Rudy Giuliani, who may have just gotten the FBI to interfere in our election.

It has been revealed that the former New York Mayor who launched a political career from the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center has enriched law firms associated with him by over half a million dollars in funds from a pro-Trump Super PAC. The unimaginatively named “America Number 1” PAC, controlled by devious billionaire Robert Mercer who first threw millions at religious extremist Ted Cruz and has now switched his support to Trump in order to have a say in crafting the Republican Party’s pro-business agenda.

That Super PAC just so happened to have been lead by one Kellyanne Conway, who is now Trump’s campaign manager. The Daily Beast details how the Super PAC paid out over $336,000 last year to Giuliani’s firm Bracewell & Giuliani for “legal and compliance services” before Ted Cruz dropped out. The PAC changed its name, arranged a meeting between Ivanka Trump and Conway, and switched its support to Trump.

But payments to Giuliani’s firm resumed after he too moved around; Greenberg & Traurig was paid $9,698 for “legal consulting services” and has received another $118,340 as the campaign winds down. The PAC has also been funneling millions to fascist hate-rag Breitbart, of which Mercer is a major investor.

What this story reveals is that there is a very close-knit group of rich oligarchs who are using this election as an opportunity to enrich themselves off flood of money pouring into this election, thanks to Citizens United. It also highlights that Republicans and their backers have no morals, principles, or allegiances that cannot be bought for the right amount of money.

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