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It Wasn’t An “Assassination Attempt.” It Was Trump Fans Beating Up A Peaceful Protester

It Wasn’t An “Assassination Attempt.” It Was Trump Fans Beating Up A Peaceful Protester

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The right-wing propaganda machine is chugging along at full force, rewriting the story of last night’s “incident” to praise Donald Trump for being “brave” enough to return to finish his speech after the “assassination attempt,” which was nothing of the sort.

A man was holding up a “Republicans Against Trump” sign, and was promptly beaten by other Trump supporters. Far from being any threat to Trump, the incident only highlights how big a threat Trump supporters are to other people.

Austyn Crites was nearly killed by rabid Trump fans after he dared to hold up a sign opposing Trump. He told the Guardian that “multiple people just tackled me down, kicking me choking me and just beating me up. That’s when things even got crazier. I was on the ground and people were holding my arms, legs and I kept saying I can barely breathe. I was turning my neck just to get a little bit of air to keep from passing out.”

But if you listen to the right-wing, it’s a hero moment for Trump. Within minutes of the incident, Donald Trump Jr. and the campaign team were spinning a story about how a devious Clinton operative with a gun attempting to take down Donald Trump, but his father was brave enough to return!

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Except there was no gun, and there was no operative, and there was no hero moment. Just another day at a Trump rally where someone nearly dies for daring to speak out.

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Watch the victim speak with the Guardian here:




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