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Newsweek Just Revealed Trump Lied, NEVER Got Ivy League MBA

Newsweek Just Revealed Trump Lied, NEVER Got Ivy League MBA

Republican nominee Donald Trump likes to talk about his collegiate performance, how he graduated first in his class from the prestigious Ivy League Wharton School of Business, and how his mind is tremendous, one of the best minds.

But Newsweek reporter Kurt Eichenwald noted today that in fact, Trump never graduated with an Masters of Business Administration from Wharton, nor was he “first in his class.”

He was a transfer student from Fordham University and only attended Wharton for two years. If you inspect the honors list from Wharton’s 1967 graduating class, draft-dodging Trump is nowhere on it.


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It just goes to show that like almost every accomplishment Donald Trump likes to brag about, his academic career is not nearly as respectable as he likes to pretend it is. He only got into Wharton in the first place because of “an interview with a friendly Wharton admissions officer who was one of [father Fred Trump] old high school classmates.”

Biographer Jeromie Tuccille notes that “Donald agreed to attend Wharton for his father’s sake. He showed up for classes and did what was required of him but he was clearly bored and spent a lot of time on outside business activities.” Gwenda Blair, in her 2001 book “The Trumps,” said that Trump’s grades at Fordham were just “respectable.”

Once again, Trump has been caught in a bold-face lie, and this is yet another fact that shows he is entirely unqualified to be our President.



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