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Ann Coulter Just Made THE Most Racist Remark Of This Entire Election

Ann Coulter Just Made THE Most Racist Remark Of This Entire Election

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Strident arch-conservative fascist matriarch Ann Coulter just blasted out one of the most heinous examples of naked racism in the entire 2016 election, which began on a low note twelve months ago with Donald Trump’s ‘mexicans are rapists’ comments and descended into the sewers from there.

Coulter’s tweet is a perfect illustration of the racism that animates the Trump campaign. She’s proposing a revival of the reviled Grandfather Laws which southern states passed in the 1890s to exclude black people from voting.

The central irony to Coulter’s baldly racist plan to purge America’s voters of anyone who won’t vote nativist is that it would exclude the very person her party is running for President from the voting booth.

That’s right, Donald Trump’s grandfather was born in Germany and settled in the United States after being deported from his home country of Germany for dodging the draft.

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Just so you know, this proves that politics is all about skin color to Ann Coulter and her alt-right worshippers who support Donald Trump. This is the naked truth, as said by Republican Party’s most public anti-immigration author, who wishes latinos could be excluded from the polls today for racial reasons.

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Even the normally reserved news reporter Phillip Bump of the Washington Post condemned Coulter’s savagely racist tweet in a news story:

Ann Coulter rarely rises to the level of deserving serious attention, and I am very open to the argument that this is not one of those moments. But a tweet she offered on Monday night, hours before Election Day polls opened across the country, offers some insight into the composition of the United States and into its history.

Also, it’s gross and deserves to be identified as such.

One New York Times editor shrewdly pointed out the similarity between Coulter’s grandfather law dreams and the Nuremburg laws, which were passed in Nazi Germany to determine citizenship based on race or ethnicity.


Sadly, Republicans have sold their souls and their party to racist ignorant trolls like Ann Coulter.

The Grand Old Party of Lincoln which fought a Civil War to keep America’s union intact and to end the tyranny of racial slavery has become that which it was born to oppose.

This is rock bottom.

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