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Giselle Just Revealed Neither She Nor Tom Brady Are Voting Trump

Giselle Just Revealed Neither She Nor Tom Brady Are Voting Trump

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Republican nominee Donald Trump is very fond of pretending he has more support than he does. Pandering to New England Patriots fans today in Manchester, New Hampshire, Trump today announced that legendary quarterback Tom Brady voted for him and that he’d received a “letter” from Coach Bill Belichick.

Brady has already revealed in a radio interview that he has not voted yet. A fan asked his wife, supermodel Gisele Bündchen, on social media whether or not they were supporting Trump: “Gisele I heard you and tom were backing Trump! Is that true??”

Bündchen was quick to deflate Trump’s false assertion with an unequivocal “NO!”

But it does appear that the letter from Belichick was in fact from him, as confirmed by CSN-NE. He did not intend for it to be read aloud, however, but that’s what you get for sending evidence of your support to a volatile maniac like Trump.

This is not likely to improve the popularity of the Patriots, who are almost universally reviled outside of New England for their tendencies to bend the rules and for their frustratingly consistent dominance. But at least Ms. Bündchen has her priorities straight – and as Slate’s Jordan Weissman remarked, “I imagine that in the Brady-Bundchen household, what Gisele says goes.”

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Belichick’s letter to Trump – or at least the version Trump read at the rally – is as follows:

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