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A Trump Fan Just Pepper-Sprayed A Hillary Voter At Polling Location

A Trump Fan Just Pepper-Sprayed A Hillary Voter At Polling Location

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The violence incited by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has come to fruition on election day in America. Trump’s supporters have taken to the streets to dispense violence to those with which they disagree, in their bid to show how patriotic they truly believe themselves to be.

Trump has called for this violence by imploring his supporters to take it upon themselves to “prevent voter fraud”. During a campaign stop in August, in Pennslyvania, Trump said, “We have to call up law enforcement. And we have to have the sheriffs and the police chiefs and everybody watching.” In October, while on a campaign stop in Michigan, Trump said, “To sit there with your friends and make sure it’s on the up and up.” Later in October, while campaigning in Colorado, Trump continued to ask his supporters to intimidate others at the polls, “Get everybody to go out and watch.”

A report from a polling station in Jupiter, Florida, tells the despicable tale of what was to be an exercise in the democratic process. An argument began between two individuals, which is acceptable. In America the freedom of speech exists for a reason. However, that argument quickly escalated to a fist fight. Witness accounts describe the scene of two individuals, one female Trump supporter and one male Clinton supporter.

Donna Tatlici, the Trump supporter, was allegedly heckling Tom Garrecht, a Clinton supporter, by saying “That’s a little man. Yeah. That’s a little man.” She also allegedly used a racial slur. Talici claims Garrecht charged at her, and she sprayed him with mace to defend herself. Garrecht says he merely walked towards the woman, and she attacked him for no reason. He then, to defend himself, grabbed Talici and disabled her to prevent her from further injuring him. In the aftermath of the altercation Garrecht said, “They said they’re probably going to charge me with assault, which is absurd since she sprayed me first.”

This type of scene will continue to play out on election day, and likely after, much to the delight of Donald Trump who has goaded his supporters to protect polling places from fraud, knowing full well that voter fraud is non-existent and when it is found Republican voters are the majority of the offenders. The strategy for the Trump campaign, in knowing they are not favored to win the election, is to position themselves outside of polling places with hostile individuals such as Talici, in hopes of intimidating good and honest voters from exercising their constitutional rights.

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