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Massive Anti-Trump Protests Break Out In Major Cities (VIDEOS/PICTURES)

Massive Anti-Trump Protests Break Out In Major Cities (VIDEOS/PICTURES)

Before the end of Donald Trump’s very first day as President-elect, tens of thousands of Americans took to the streets in major cities across the country to protest his election. Philadelphia, Washington D.C., New York, Chicago, Boston, and Los Angeles all saw huge crowds today, filled with Americans distraught at the appalling choice that white working class voters in rural areas had forced upon them.

Across the nation, a chorus of voices swelled up and cried out against bigotry, against hatred, and against isolationism. As one, the urban centers of America cried out in favor of love, of the inclusion and welcoming of immigrants and refugees, and for the rights of women to make choices for their own bodies.

Such a monumental show of energy bodes ill for the man who ran a campaign of petty attacks and fanning the flames of division but now thinks he can brush all that under the carpet by saying the words “unity” a few times. Trump does not represent us; and it is supremely inspiring to see this level of resistance on the very first day.

This war is just beginning. The revival of the American left is nigh. So if you live in a major city, get out there and make your voice heard! Show the world that you did not vote for a racist sexual predator. Show them who the American people really are.


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