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Trump Is Considering Sarah Palin For A TOP Cabinet Position

Trump Is Considering Sarah Palin For A TOP Cabinet Position

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It is with abject horror and disbelief that we must face the prospect of President-elect Donald Trump choosing candidates for his cabinet. Given that his election campaign team was staffed with fascist ideologues and religious extremists, one shudders to think at the incompetency and malignant greed that will define his administration.

Former vice-presidential candidate, Tea Party matriarch and noted idiot Sarah “Drill, Baby, Drill” Palin is apparently being considered for the Secretary of the Interior.

This would place her in charge of our nation’s parks and public lands, which will certainly be privatized and auctioned off to the highest bidder for development by fossil fuel companies like Koch Industries. Our natural resources will be plundered for corporate profits while the land is poisoned and violated.

Other astonishing potential cabinet picks include creationist and pyramid truther Ben Carson as Secretary of Education, racist and misogynist Rudy Giuliani as Attorney General, noted Putinist Gen. Michael Flynn as Secretary of Defense, and notorious oligarch Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan as Secretary of the Treasury.

Far from “draining the swamp” as his followers so fervently desire, Trump is gleefully wallowing in the mire.

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