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Veteran With “Veterans Against Trump” Sign Rammed By Trump Fans In Truck

Veteran With “Veterans Against Trump” Sign Rammed By Trump Fans In Truck

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Two Trump supporters intentionally rammed an Afghanistan war veteran and anti-Trump protester with their car on election day in King, NC. The man, Steven Hewett, was standing outside King’s American Legion post holding a “Veterans Against Trump” sign when two men in a Chevrolet truck rolled up and intentionally hit him.

Hewett, who had already ruffled feathers in the town by standing up for the separation of church and state, recorded part of the incident and uploaded it to Facebook. In the video Hewett can be heard shockingly saying “You just hit me, you just hit me.” The only response of the driver, who was dressed in veteran garb, was to ask “what branch of the military were you in?” He was apparently incredulous that any veteran could stand up against chauvinistic hate and couldn’t care less about his right to do so.

The two Trump supporters fled the scene but Hewett was able to capture their license plate number and report it to the police. He confirmed on Facebook that charges are being filed against the unnamed driver, including reckless driving and assault with a deadly weapon.

Unfortunately, incidents like this one have become all too common in the days since Trump’s election as white nationalists feel emboldened to express their hatred of everyone who isn’t like them. There has been a shocking wave of attacks and intimidation targeting a variety of minority communities, all of whom, of course, Trump vehemently insulted. We can only hope that the outpouring of hate we’ve seen in the past few days represents an anomaly rather than a new normal, but with Trump at the helm there seems to be little reason for optimism for our nation’s oppressed communities.

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