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Bernie Just Told The Democratic Party The Secret To Beating Trump

Bernie Just Told The Democratic Party The Secret To Beating Trump

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The stunning victory of Donald J. Trump on election day left most thinking Americans stuck in their tracks in disbelief that the population would be foolish enough to elect a hateful, racist, misogynist demagogue to the highest office in the land. Many are looking for answers and Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) offered his assessment on what must happen now to begin that process.

Sanders took to Twitter to outline, in a single sentence, what Democrats must do if they ever wish to stop Trump, and the inevitable future Republican movements which will follow his presidency:


The time for Democrats to play it safe is now over. The plan to run Hillary Clinton as the party’s nominee, and to stick to old party principles will no longer cut the mustard. For the Democratic party to regain its mantle as the party of the people, they must listen to the populist tones of the electorate. This means rather than offering lip service to dismantling the empire of the barons of Wall Street, Democrats need to offer actual action.

The public will no longer accept a Democratic party which says one thing and does the exact opposite. The razor-thin primary battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders proves there are millions of Americans who believe in this philosophy. Hillary Clinton ran an excellent presidential campaign, but it was not enough. Her campaign’s blueprint to victory was clearly faulty, and must not be followed again, lest the same result will repeat itself. Democrats must, now, forge a new path and direction for their party, and for the American people. They can start by being a little more like Bernie Sanders.

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