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Calls For FBI Director James Comey To Resign Spread Across The U.S.

Calls For FBI Director James Comey To Resign Spread Across The U.S.

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It is now quite clear that FBI Director James Comey influenced the presidential election with his likely unlawful disclosure of a false investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Now that the election is over, and the damage caused by Comey is irreversible, millions of Americans are calling for Comey to resign.

Both Democrats and Republicans have expressed outrage over Comey’s decision to go public with a vague announcement just 11 days before the nation went to the ballot box. Hillary Clinton told some of her supporters on a telephone call that she blamed Comey for her loss. Clinton said, “Comey’s decision to go public … caused an erosion of support in the upper Midwest.” according to a source who was on the phone with Clinton.

While there is outrage, no elected Republican U.S. congressperson has publicly stated they believe Comey should step down. How curious for the party which purports to stand for law and order, a main tenet of President-elect Trump’s campaign, to now turn a blind eye when lawlessness has created a favorable outcome for them. The silence of Republicans is ridiculous, but Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen has been quite vocal about his demands of Comey to resign.

The FBI Director is appointed by the president to a 10-year term. The president can unilaterally fire the FBI Director for any reason, and Congress can move to impeach a director. Beyond that, the public has no recourse and considering the favor Comey served up to Trump there is a nearly nill chance Trump will take his job, nor will the Republican-controlled Congress.

These political realities will not calm or quell the public’s calls for Comey’s resignation as has been evidenced below:

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The public, rightly, feels cheated by an investigatory body who inserted themselves into a national election and they will not be silenced until they receive satisfaction. Click here to sign the petition demanding Comey resign.

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