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A Trump Fan Called A Student A N*gger. Her Classmates Responded Beautifully

A Trump Fan Called A Student A N*gger. Her Classmates Responded Beautifully

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President-elect Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton has emboldened his racist supporters to enact their vile hatefulness on those who do not have white skin. A black female student at Baylor University was introduced to this unfortunate fact the hard way when a white male student shoved her from a sidewalk and said “No nig*ers allowed on the sidewalk.” In response, hundreds of students stood with the female student and walked her to class in a showing of solidarity.

The female student in question, Natasha Nhkama, told her powerful story on a one-minute video posted to Twitter which can be viewed below:

Nhkama was rightfully shocked at the treatment she received and was stunned into silence at her fellow student’s open racism. Another student came to her aid and accosted the racist student who retorted, “Dude, I’m just trying to make America great again.” When the public was warned about Trump’s rhetoric and the ways in which the hate he spewed so openly would manifest itself, a scenario like this was exactly what they meant.

When the leadership at Baylor University were asked about the incident Interim President David Garland said, “I don’t want any student to be afraid to be on our campus. And I’m going to be talking to our police chief and seeing to make sure that anybody walking across our campus is not afraid. We say that we are a Christian community and that means that these kinds of incidents should never happen on our campus.”

Dr. Kevin Jackson, Baylor’s vice president for student life, expressed grave concern while echoing his understanding that the presidential election was the root cause of the racist student’s motivation:

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I’m grieved by it. The incident was antithetical to who we are as Baylor University. One of the things we are experiencing here is what we are experiencing in the nation. There’s a lot of confusion and unsettledness. There is some fear.

In response to the outrageous show of racism, whose story spread like wildfire after Nkhama’s video went viral, over 300 students walked with her to her class while holding signs that said “#iwalkwithtasha” and singing songs like “Amazing Grace.”

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Watch the walk below:

At the end of the student body’s walk Nkhama addressed the group:

To whoever defended me that day, I don’t know you, but I thank you, honestly. And thank you for being an example to everyone else on campus. To the gentleman who said those words, I’m praying for you, and I love you.

The fear and hatefulness inspired by President-elect Trump can not and will not poison the minds of thoughtful individuals across the nation. Those who observe an act as the one described above have a duty as patriots to stand up and speak out to protect those being attacked. What we demand for ourselves, we must demand for others. The moment we do not is the moment Trump and his supporters win.

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