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White Trump Fans Just Assaulted A Black Female Student At Villanova

White Trump Fans Just Assaulted A Black Female Student At Villanova

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Violence continues to spill into the streets as supporters of President-elect Trump celebrate his victory by despicably attacking minorities. The latest incident happened at Villanova University when a black female student was attacked by a group of racist white male students.

The female student, whose name has not been released, was minding her own business while walking through a Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority tunnel located on the university’s campus when she was accosted by a group of who were all shouting, “Trump! Trump! Trump!” as they ran towards her. The obnoxious scene suddenly turned violent as one of the men shoved the female student, forcing her to crash to the ground where she struck her head on the concrete.

Fortunately, the female student was not seriously injured in the attack. She does, however, remain shaken up and now feels unsafe according to a university source familiar with the incident.

The president of Villanova University, Peter M. Donohue, wrote in a community statement that he is, “deeply disturbed by several reports of members of our community using our nation’s political process as a justification for behaviors and language aimed to intimidate or humiliate other people.”

This incident is one of many which have transpired in the last week across the United States. Black students at the University of Pennsylvania were berated as “nig*ers” via text message signed by “Daddy Trump.” A high school in Newtown, PA had its bathrooms vandalized by spray painted pro-Trump graffiti and Nazi signs. A woman from Bella Vista had “Trump 2016” and “Black B*tch” tagged on her vehicle. A black female student at Baylor University was shoved from a sidewalk and a white male student told her “No nig*ers allows on the sidewalk.” This has all happened in less than a week, and the above mentions are by no means definitive as a comprehensive list of all incidents.

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Trump’s supporters find themselves emboldened and filled with confidence at their demagogue’s shock victory on election night. They now, obviously, feel there is a mandate to bring open racism back to the public light, and any person who is not imbued with pale white skin should feel afraid of what the future will bring under President Trump.

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