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Maddow Just Came To Tears While Discussing Mike Pence’s Homophobia

Maddow Just Came To Tears While Discussing Mike Pence’s Homophobia

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow was just literally driven to tears on the air while discussing the vile way that Republican Vice President-elect Mike Pence deployed legal discrimination against gay couples looking to exercise their right to get married in Indiana. Pence managed to keep his anti-LGBTQ views hidden during this year’s election, given that most attention was focused on his running mate’s racism and lies. Pence’s election is a massive cause for concern amongst LGBTQ activists, who rightfully fear the man who thinks that AIDS/HIV funding should be cut and who routes government money towards “gay conversion therapy” for teenagers — which only produces depression and suicide.

However, that’s not the worst thing Mike Pence has perpetuated against the LGBTQ community.

As Indiana’s Governor, Mike Pence passed a law to harm same-sex marriage license seekers in a way that Kentucky’s Kim Davis could have only dreamed of doing. Pence maneuvered to make lying on a marriage application a felony in Indiana, making it literally impossible for a same-sex couple to honestly fill out the form:

“So, ultimately, marriage equality becomes the law of the land everywhere thanks to the Supreme Court, but in Indiana, under Mike Pence, gay couples faced 18 months in prison and $10,000 for applying to get married,” Maddow said, visibly choked up. “Just applying to married put you in jail under Mike Pence.”

Rachel Maddow is right to be moved to tears There’s no doubt that the Republican party will seek to roll back progress on LGBTQ issues in the Trump regime – with the Vice President will be leading the charge.

Watch the rest of his shameful discrimination against LGBTQ people here:

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