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Michael Moore Just Destroyed Phony Christians Who Support Trump

Michael Moore Just Destroyed Phony Christians Who Support Trump

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The backlash against President-elect Donald Trump has begun, and after licking their wounds in disbelief, many media pundits are coming out swinging against him. One of Trump’s loudest and most influential critics, filmmaker Michael Moore, has been making his rounds on cable news programs to issue an edict to those who stand with him against Trump’s rise, and what that responsibility will truly entail.

While a guest on “AM Joy“, hosted by Joy Reid on MSNBC, Moore said white people will now bear the brunt of the blame for the Trump presidency and must stand up against all forms of hate against their fellow citizens:

White people, no matter how painful, have a responsibility to reject anybody who stands in front of a camera who spews racism. Who spews sexism, misogyny. Who brags about being a sexual predator. I don’t care what your race is, but especially if you’re white. Because that means that you belong to the race that’s been in power forever. This a country that was founded on genocide and built on the backs of slaves. So you have a special responsibility as a white person to always object to anybody who uses racism, who spews this hatred.

Moore chose not to mince words on the subject, and he further called out individuals who believe themselves to be righteous by pointing out unless one is willing to defend the weak, and to stand up for those who are being treated poorly, they then have no right to hold such a belief:

And do not call yourself a Christian if you are not willing, literally, to put your body in front of whoever is coming to hurt the other — the people who are not you.

The indignation expressed by Moore is merely an echo of the voices of millions of Americans who shudder at the thought of hearing “President Trump” over the next four years. If those individuals wish to stop Trump and his agenda, they must come together quickly as Trump’s inauguration is barely two months away.

Watch the segment with Moore below:

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