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Audio Just Surfaced Of Trump’s Defense Adviser Calling For A Military Purge

Audio Just Surfaced Of Trump’s Defense Adviser Calling For A Military Purge

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A radio interview on Sirius XM surfaced, revealing that extreme anti-Muslim activist Frank Gaffney – who is advising the Trump transition team on national security matters – has plans to destroy and rebuild America’s national security services. This frightening news is coming on the heels of a “Stalin-esque” purge inside the transition team, an act that’s elevating Gaffney – known as one of America’s most rabid Islamaphobes – into a position of trust within the highest circle of Trump’s national security advisors.

It’s not a new idea for the Trump campaign either, having leaked in June that Christie wanted to expel career civil servants from the federal government along with the Obama administration’s political appointees.

However, this is the first clear mention about mass firing employees of the federal government after the election, and it’s a frightening prospect coming from the Republican Gaffney, whom the Washington Post calls, “anti-Muslim conspiracist and gadfly.” Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy is filled with his fringe opinions, and mostly existed as himself and a fax machine after being forced out of the Reagan administration. The New York Times reports:

Mr. Gaffney has long advanced baseless conspiracy theories, including that President Obama might be a closet Muslim. The Southern Poverty Law Center described him as “one of America’s most notorious Islamophobes.”

Recently, the Trump Transition team just conducted a purge of anyone with ties to disgraced New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, clearing the decks for a man so insane, that he got kicked out of the annual CPAC because believes longtime conservative anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist is following the Muslim Brotherhood. Even scarier to contemplate, it appears that the Trump team is actually considering one of Gaffney’s paranoid disciples for a high position in the national security team. According to The Intercept, Gaffney is trying to inject one of his fringe compatriots into the White House National Security team.

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Trump may now be considering Clare Lopez, vice president of the Center for Security Policy, as his deputy national security adviser. Lopez believes that “infiltration [of the U.S. government by the Muslim Brotherhood] is obviously very deep and very broad within the bureaucracy, not just the top level, but throughout the federal system, including the intelligence community.”

There’s a one minute video of Lopez explaining that, “the level of infiltration is very deep and very broad” in the executive branch and intelligence community.

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The Trump campaign’s transition efforts have been predictably terrifying, but we are standing on the cusp of an intelligence failure from day one that risks all of our safety. If the Trump regime carries out plans to fire millions of experienced, career federal civil servants, and members of the military, and the clandestine services, it will leave the America open to the very threats these extremist lunatics proclaim so loudly to fear.

If America installs the right hand woman of “one of America’s most notorious Islamophobes,” you can all but guarantee that civil rights and our country’s safety will both suffer.

Below are the Gaffney interview on Breitbart and a video with Lopez explaining her fringe theories:

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