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Teacher Was Just Caught On Video Calling Student “N*gger Who’s Gonna Get Shot”

Teacher Was Just Caught On Video Calling Student “N*gger Who’s Gonna Get Shot”

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Welcome to Trump’s America, where a Maryland teacher was just caught on video screaming racial slurs at a group of schoolchildren. At Harlem Park Elementary School in Baltimore, a classroom was becoming rowdy as she ejected a student for bad behavior.

Rather than trying to calm them down, the teacher began yelling at the black children, screaming that “you’re idiots. Do you wanna be a punk-ass n*gger who’s going to get shot? You’re stupid! Learn something, be a man.”

When our public school teachers are screaming racial slurs and telling their students they’re going to die by gunfire, they’re teaching the kids that not even their mentors believe their lives matter, that their lives won’t amount to anything but another black body bleeding to death on the concrete.

Black males between the ages of 15 and 19 are much, much more likely to die by gun violence than their white peers, and having their own teachers throw that in their faces almost makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy. This kind of behavior by a public school teacher is absolutely unacceptable and is a dark sign of just how rampant racism is in American society.

Watch it here:

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