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A Trump Fan Just Left A Server This Racist, Bigoted Tip

A Trump Fan Just Left A Server This Racist, Bigoted Tip

The tide of Donald Trump-inspired hatred continues to spill into our nation. A server at a TGI Friday’s establishment in Kalamazoo, Michigan, received a shocking surprise when she checked the tip line. Instead of the money that she rightfully deserves, she found racial and homophobic slurs scrawled over it, capped off with a #PresidentTrump.


TGI Friday’s has confirmed the authenticity of the receipt and issued a statement saying “now is the time for everyone to come together. We’re focused on making sure every guest and team member feels cared for, valued and respected. We’ve reached out to the team member and the restaurant is aware of this situation.”

Police have been notified and a report of hate speech has been filed, though it is unlikely to go anywhere.

Over three hundred incident of racially motivated assault or harassment have been reported since Donald Trump became the President-elect of the United States. In that time, he’s appointed a white supremacist as Chief Strategist and doubled down on his plan to register and monitor Muslim citizens based on their religion. These kinds of incidents are soon to become the norm unless the American people take a stand against this kind of bigotry and racism.


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