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“It’s Like Christmas.” America’s Neo-Nazis Celebrate Trump’s Cabinet Picks

“It’s Like Christmas.” America’s Neo-Nazis Celebrate Trump’s Cabinet Picks

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Neo-Nazis and white supremacists around the country cannot believe their luck. Donald Trump’s choice of unrepentant racists Stephen Bannon, Jeff Sessions, and “anti-Jew” General Flynn has been met with incredulous applause from neo-Nazi groups and other would-be genocidaires.

“Honestly, I didn’t even expect this to all come together so beautifully. It’s like we’re going to get absolutely everything we wanted” writes Andrew Anglin of neo-Nazi webzine Daily Stormer in an article titled “It’s Like Christmas.”

“Basically, we are looking at a Daily Stormer Dream Team in the Trump administration. I mean, you add these two to Steve Bannon, rumors of even Steve King getting in… wow.”

I don’t know anything about the CIA guy, reading his Wikipedia he doesn’t seem great, but whatever. We’re winning hard here. Most of the appointments are exactly what we want.

Of course, I was thinking of Sessions for either Secretary of State or Defense, but I think Trump is making a point by putting an aggressive anti-Black racist in as AG. It’s a corrective measure, after Obama turned the Justice Department into the Black Panthers…. But whatever, I’m not second-guessing at this point. Trump appears to know what the hell is going on and [Jared] Kushner appears to be failing to get in the way.

This is really happening. Our government is being taken over by people cheered by literal Nazis. This is not hyperbole. These are the beginning steps of an exceptionally dark turn in American politics, the kind that historically has led to bloodshed and ethnically motivated violence, and unless the electoral college fulfills its purpose and keeps Trump from actually becoming the President, then it will fall to liberals to rise up to defend American minorities from the sinister machinations of fascist thugs.

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