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Trump Is About To Meet With Romney. Elizabeth Warren’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Is About To Meet With Romney. Elizabeth Warren’s Response Is Perfect

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Former Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is being considered for a possible position in the Trump Administration and is planning to meet Trump at his gold course in New Jersey this weekend.

Upon hearing the news, Senator Elizabeth Warren, also from Massachusetts, couldn’t resist sending a shot over the bow with this epic tweet:

Senator Warren is of course referring to Romney’s infamous “binders of women” comment that helped derail his milquetoast campaign in 2012. But her jab is a stark reminder that Donald Trump has so far appointed five people to his administration – and all have been white men. Two of them are open white supremacists. We need women and people of color in this new government if anyone is going to stand up for their rights and interests in the coming storm of white fury.

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