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“Trump Is President Now!” Racist Caught On Video Harassing A Muslim Driver

“Trump Is President Now!” Racist Caught On Video Harassing A Muslim Driver

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In this shocking video, a white driver on the motorway begins harassing and insulting an Arab driver, who begins to film his torrent of slurs and abuse.

After several graphic expletives, the driver declares that “Terrorist motherf*cker! I don’t care if you film me! You’re not even from here! Now that Trump is President, you can kiss your visa goodbye!”

The incident happened to a friend of YouTube star Karim Metwaly, who took the video viral.

In one microcosm of a moment, the entire Trump phenomenon spills out. Uncouth rudeness, hatred, xenophobia, homophobia, and unbridled arrogance directed at an innocent person simply based on the color of their skin.

There have been more than 400 hate crimes since the election occurred and Trump’s electoral college victory made him President-elect. If that’s all that has happened in the very first week, we are in for a long and painful four years. Trump has empowered racists in America to heights we haven’t seen since the heyday of the Klan, and we should all hang our heads in disgrace for what we’ve done.

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But hey, at least he didn’t have a private email server, right?

Watch the disturbing incident here:

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