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20 Million Trump Voters Set To Take HUGE Pay Cut Under Republican Plan

20 Million Trump Voters Set To Take HUGE Pay Cut Under Republican Plan

Donald Trump won his sweeping electoral victory on the backs of white working class voters, who were frustrated with Washington politics and believed that a drastic change would make their lives better. Unfortunately, in an entirely predictable turn of events, it appears their lives are about to get much worse.

Tom Bonier, the CEO of the polling firm TargetSmart, noted on Twitter that one of the first of many regulations that Trump and House Republicans are looking to repeal will be President Obama’s hard-fought rule that ensures time-and-a-half overtime pay for workers making less than $47,000 a year.

41% of the people who voted for Trump make less than $50,000 a year. Once again, all the effort that Democrats put in to help working Americans were forgotten as the media churned up a frenzy of controversy over the FBI and Hillary Clinton’s emails, ignoring policy proposals in their ravenous quest for ratings.

If they had bothered to listen to what Trump was actually saying on the campaign trail, they would have known that Trump was planning to gut this law and a great many others that protect consumers from the greedy machinations of multinational corporations while taking away their healthcare and replacing it with a for-profit system that will leave millions destitute. Now Trump’s own voters – and millions of other Americans – will suffer as more and more of our nation’s wealth is funneled up to the top 1%.

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