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Trump Just Attacked SNL. Alec Baldwin’s Response Is Perfect

Trump Just Attacked SNL. Alec Baldwin’s Response Is Perfect

Alec Baldwin just called out Donald Trump’s in an epic tweetstorm (see below), after the Republican President-elect attacked him and Saturday Night Live for a satire spoof of his troubled transition to the presidency. His spot on performance highlighted Republican politician’s admitted lack of government knowledge and Trump’s plans to scrap most of his election promises, ending with a bang by thanking VP-elect Mike Pence for, “doing all of the work” (you can watch it below).

Here is Donald Trump’s attack and Alec Baldwin’s complete tweetstorm:


The Emmy Award-winning actor actually took the high road with his tweetstorm, advising Trump to remain focused on “improving the lives of as many Americans as possible.” Baldwin also told Trump to, “make appointments that encouraged people, not generate fear and doubt.”

Trump spent the entire weekend attacking theatrical and television performers, including the outstanding satire, aiming to distract the news cycle from his disastrous selection of a racist Attorney General, an anti-islam extremist National Security Advisor and a White House Senior Advisor who says darkness, Satan, Dick Cheney and Darth Vader are “good.”

Trump has been even more thin skinned than usual after losing $25 million on Friday after being sued for fraud and racketeering in the Trump University lawsuit.

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Kudos to Alec Baldwin for calling out the President-elect’s attempt to distract from America’s real problems, that he “alone” can fix, but is instead too busy watching late night television to do anything about.

Watch the SNL skit that set off Trump here:

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