Trump Is Furious About The Recount. Keith Olbermann’s Response Is Perfect

Donald Trump, perpetually incapable of taking the high road and letting anything pass without comment, went on a Sunday tweetstorm in which he railed against Jill Stein’s efforts to recount the vote and the Clinton camp’s support for the desperate endeavor.

Famed sportscaster turned political commentator Keith Olbermann took to Twitter to fire off a sharp rebuttal, rightfully calling out the glaring hypocrisy of Trump complaining about questioning the results when he himself was planning to do the same when he lost.



Donald Trump made headlines during the election for questioning the integrity of the electoral process and for openly planning to dispute the results if he lost.

For him to now complain about other political parties demanding an inquiry into legitimately disputable results is the height of hypocrisy and marks him as the sorest of winners.

H/t to the Raw Story