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This Cartoon Perfectly Mocks The Hypocrisy Of Trump & Fans Calling For “Civility”

This Cartoon Perfectly Mocks The Hypocrisy Of Trump & Fans Calling For “Civility”

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The presidential election of 2016 was the most hostile and contentious in American history. Now, President-elect Donald Trump has been calling on the citizens of the United States to come together in the name of unity so that the nation “can begin to heal our divisions.” This is Trump’s way of issuing an enormously hypocritical backhanded slap to those protesting his incoming presidency. After spending his entire campaign preaching the right-wing’s favorite rhetoric of fear, hate, and divisiveness, his empty complaints about the rudeness of the left are falling on deaf ears.

The hypocrisy of this new position of being warm, cuddly, and civilized is perfectly exemplified in the latest edition of “This Modern World.” The comic strip points out how Trump’s supporters proudly shouted “Trump that bitch!” and “Lock her up!” while their fearless leader announced he’d like to take a protester and “punch him in the face.”

Now Trump wants the nation to calm down and to stop being mean to him. He lashed out at the cast of the play “Hamilton” for having an opinion about the bigoted policies of vice president-elect Mike Pence. Trump even said he wants to put people in prison for burning the American flag. That’s not being civilized, it’s being thin skinned.

All of this absurdity has not stopped Republicans from calling for civility. The California Republican Party issued a statement, “We can and should be civil, intelligent, and honorable in our campaigning.” Sure they can be, but they were not. Trump’s wife, Melania Trump, said, “We have to find a better way to talk to each other.” Right, and her husband should go first. While a guest on CNN Republican Congresswoman Diane Black said,  “Let’s have some civility here in this country.” Texas Republican Joe Strauss said, “civility, in heavy doses, is essential.” Where were all of these people and their swan songs about civility while Trump was destroying the social fabric of America?

These are not American ideals, but the ideals of a fascist dictator. His supporters continue to follow along not realizing they, along with the rest of the nation, are being led to the guillotine as their rights are carefully eroded away to protect the hypersensitive ego of Donald Trump.

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