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Trans Woman Posts Suicide Note On Facebook. What Trump Fans Did Next Will Outrage You

Trans Woman Posts Suicide Note On Facebook. What Trump Fans Did Next Will Outrage You

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A trans woman in South Dakota, Lizzy Waites, made the tragic but very personal decision to commit suicide. Before taking the pills that would end her life, she took to Facebook to schedule her suicide note, published long after anyone could save her. She expressed her love for her family and her personal reasons for her decision, but couldn’t help expressing some anger at the end of her note:

“The pills are taking effect and I can’t think straight. I love you all. Dump Trump. Kill him. Mike Pence too. Goodnight white pride. Steal the hats and destroy them. Best (sic) fascists with a baseball bat.”

Sensing blood in the water, Trump trolls came rushing out of the woodwork to mock the dead woman’s last words and to celebrate her death in horrifying ways.



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The suicide of Lizzy Waites is a terrifying glimpse into how hard conservatives make the lives of trans Americans. The Daily Beast reports that Waites was harassed by her boss at work for using “the wrong bathroom” and that after she had transitioned, an anti-trans conservative site had added her to a database and had been bullying her for years. “When Liz first transitioned, she got her name posted to [the site]. It’s this big collection of horrible, awful troll people. They like to pick on people for fun” said Amanda Waites, Lizzy’s partner.

That kind of targeted harassment certainly played a role in her decision to end her own life; but even in death, Lizzy couldn’t find safety from the mocking hate of Donald Trump’s supporters.

h/t to The Daily Beast

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