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Watch Keith Olbermann’s Epic Response To Trump Saying “Millions Voted Illegally” To Steal The Election

Watch Keith Olbermann’s Epic Response To Trump Saying “Millions Voted Illegally” To Steal The Election

Famed sportscaster turned-political pundit Keith Olbermann tore into Donald Trump on today’s episode of the Resistance, slamming Trump for wondering whether the election that he himself won was rigged and into the mainstream media for giving Donald Trump’s absurd conspiracy theories the same coverage they would receive if they were serious concerns. He also awaits the dexact dimensions of and nature of Mr. Trump’s desperate psychological impairment.” Olbermann rightfully condemned the media for being the “enablers of cataclysm” for their tacit acceptance of Trump’s lies:

This has long since transcended politics, transcended diversions from his corruption, or the FBI, or foreign interference, this is not left vs right, nor liberal vs conservative, nor alt vs inclusive, nor any of the excuses that newspaper and television made Sunday in hopes of preserving the political media complex.

Olbermann makes a profound and passionate case for why Donald Trump is mentally unfit for the Presidency and how we all need to accept this fact before it’s too late. “THESE ARE NOT WORDS OF SANITY! These are the rages and the boasts and the madness that we have seen throughout history! [Iraqi dictator, genocidaire] Saddam Hussein! [Italian fascist dictator Benito] Mussolini! [Cuban communist dictator] Fidel Castro! [Chinese communist dictator] Mao Zedong! [Cambodian communist dictator, genocidaire] Pol Pot! [Saudi Arabian terrorist Osama] bin Laden!”

Olbermann is absolutely right. We must come to terms with this and do something, anything to prevent this unstable megalomaniac from ever tasting true power.

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