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A Student Asked Kellyanne Conway How She Could Work For A Sex Predator. Her Answer Was Ridiculous

A Student Asked Kellyanne Conway How She Could Work For A Sex Predator. Her Answer Was Ridiculous

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Kellyanne Conway couldn’t answer a teenage girl’s question about her rationalization of working for a known sexual abuser, so she tried a straw-man argument about ISIS as a distraction to her audience because there’s no way she can excuse the President-elect’s misogyny and abuse of women.

“I’m glad that people looked at [those attacks] and said, ‘You know what? That’s an argument that will not create a single job in my community, not bring back a single of the 70,000 factories that have been closed, will not deter one member of ISIS from doing their bloodletting here or anywhere else in the world.”

Kellyanne Conway demonstrates an unusual commitment to gaslighting America with these comments that delegitimize the sexual assault claims of nearly a dozen women who have accused Trump of sexual abuse or assault by refusing to even address them. Conway has become his top enabler of the misogyny Republicans love and use to perpetuate rape culture.

Ironically Conway happens to be the only member of Trump’s inner circle to admit publicly that the President-elect is a sexual abuser and AP reporter Steve Peoples tweeted more of her response castigating the teenage girl for asking a serious question.

Kellyanne Conway said that then immediately gave more smokescreen comments to that AP reporter on the scene to try and cover up the blatant business conflicts of interest that the President-elect doesn’t want to shake.

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Unfortunately, that won’t work, since his children running the business is one of the conflict issues that he’s facing, since it’s already become scandalously easy for the Trump brood to convert their father’s political success into a marketing pitch. Even giving his children ownership isn’t sufficient to cancel conflicts since they’re his direct family members, and could still accept payments which ultimately do directly benefit the clan.

Also lost in the shuffle of Kellyanne Conway’s candid reply to her teenage questioner (who happens to be the daughter a Mother Jones editor), and her smokescreen comments for Donald Trump, the conservative Republican political insider did leave one insider’s tip as to how the Trump administration plans to behave when the lights are on and the cameras are rolling.

If you want to know what Donald Trump and his administration’s pretty words about having his children run the Trump Organization will mean, just read Conway’s last word to the group of teenagers. It’s the first admission that Trump’s administration is happy to lie to the cameras, and her sickening role in normalizing rape culture is just part of the deal to line her pockets with political cash.

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