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HAPPENING NOW: Vets Shut Down Bridge At Standing Rock To Protect Protesters (VIDEOS)

HAPPENING NOW: Vets Shut Down Bridge At Standing Rock To Protect Protesters (VIDEOS)

In this video, newly arrived veterans at the Standing Rock Sioux protest camp take part in native chants, introduce themselves to the viewers, and speak on what moved them to travel all the way to North Dakota. Gathered on the bridge, a strategic point that controls access to the Oceti Sakowin protestor camp, the inspiring folks at Indigenous Rising Media to share what’s happening and conduct some interviews.

“Basically we’re just forming a protective line to protect the camp behind us and we predict that’ll be relatively peaceful but we’re here to lend our support, to make sure everything is peaceful, and that nothing happens that shouldn’t” explains one man.

Over two thousand veterans have traveled to the Dakota Access Pipeline protest camp in North Dakota, intending to form a “human shield” protecting the protesters from the violent militarized police force that is defending the construction company. The Army Corps of Engineers has issued an order to evacuate the protest camp by Dec 4th – a demand that has been resoundingly rejected by tribal leaders. With veterans shielding the camp, however, the security forces may be less likely to resort to the appalling violence they’ve unleashed in the past month.

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