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Conway Crashes and Burns Trying to Defend Trump’s Lies About “Illegal Votes”

Conway Crashes and Burns Trying to Defend Trump’s Lies About “Illegal Votes”

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It’s been a bad week for Kellyanne Conway, because with Donald Trump ducking the media entirely, she’s being forced to answer the kind of tough questions her boss refuses to address. That is until even Conway can’t come up with the right lies, red herrings or find some way to blame ISIS for Republicans choosing a racist maniac as president, blaming her boss’ false statements about voter fraud on Kansas anti-immigration extremist Kris Kobach. When Kellyanne Conway really hit the wall, she resorted to the only thing crooked political operatives can do, playing dumb. Conway just did that, embarrassing herself on national TV in an interview with ABC‘s widely respected George Stephanopolous after he asked three consecutive follow-up questions about Trump’s blatant lies on Twitter about the popular vote.

Over two and a half million more Americans voted for Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump, yet the racist Republican candidate eeked out a projected electoral college victory. George Stephanopolous asked about the pants on fire lies Trump is telling about his landslide popular vote loss and that is when he asked Conway, ““Isn’t it irresponsible for the President-elect to make false statements like that?” That is when Kellyanne Conway put on her Robot Rubio hat according to Mediaite, refusing to answer a simple question by any means possible:

Conway deflected, instead offering her take to criticize people who argue the popular v. electoral vote talking point (by all measures, Trump lost the popular vote in excess of two million votes). But Stephanopoulos refused to let it go.

“Kellyanne, that’s not what I asked! No one is questioning the victory,” he said, pressing her further.

“Is it appropriate, is it responsible, for the President-elect to make statements like that?” he continued. It would take him four rounds of phrasing the question in different ways before he called the interview quits.

“There is no evidence that there were millions of illegal votes. Zero,” he said to Conway at one point. Conway focused her responses largely on the naysayers and protestors who “are trying to deny him his rightful victory,” she alleged, discussing the recount effort.

“Simple question Kellyanne: is that statement by President-elect Trump true?” he pushed for a fourth time.

That’s when the tow-headed gender traitor froze dramatically and pretended that her earpiece and microphone didn’t work.

Conway went silent, adjusted her earpiece and begged Stephanoplous to repeat the question while she thought of the next smokescreen until she settled on the scary truth of the situation. Her ultimate and revealing answer, “[Trump] is messaging to his supporters and to the rest of the country the way he feels.”

That’s right America’s designated President-elect cannot use facts, and prefers to use ‘feels’ instead.

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Americans deserve more than an inherently untrustworthy president, running around the world feeling his way through the complex problems facing our country based on his own arbitrary feelings, for which he sends his minions on television to hold out to the world as facts. Ironically, Conway denied that the FBI’s James Comey swung this year’s election, which is precisely what even Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski says happened.

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Unpatriotic people like Kellyanne Conway would prefer to get paid for lying, so they can squirrel away lots of nickels from the Republican oligarchy for running a presidential campaign built on white supremacy, rather than gathering up important facts to make a substantial case for important policies to actually improve the real lives of Americans.

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