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A Federal Judge Just Ordered A Recount In A Pivotal Swing State

A Federal Judge Just Ordered A Recount In A Pivotal Swing State

Early on Monday morning, U.S. District Judge Mark Goldsmith ordered an immediate recount of the election votes in Michigan to begin at noon and for the state to “assemble necessary staff to work sufficient hours” to complete it by Dec 13th.

Yestarday, Judge Goldsmith held an emergency session with the lawyers of Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who successfully convinced him that following the state law that demands a two business day wait before commencing a recount represented a sufficiently “credible threat that the recount, if delayed, would not be completed.”

Goldsmith dismissed state Republican Party chairwoman Ronna Romney McDaniel’s concerns over cost, saying that “with the perceived integrity of the presidential election as it was conducted in Michigan at stake, concerns with cost pale in comparison.”

Donald Trump won Michigan by a mere 10,704 , 2,279,543 to Hillary Clinton’s 2,268,839, as per the Michigan Department of State. The minuscule victory margin is enough that a recount is the only way to ensure the democratic process worked and that Michigan’s sixteen electoral votes deserve to go to Trump.

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While the recount isn’t likely to change the outcome of the election, a reversal could convince more Electoral College voters to turn “faithless” and vote against their state’s decision, potentially saving us from four years of Donald Trump.


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