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Watch A Sioux Woman’s Awesome Reaction When Told Obama Blocked Pipeline

Watch A Sioux Woman’s Awesome Reaction When Told Obama Blocked Pipeline

This short clip details scenes of celebration from the Standing Rock Sioux Oceti Sakowin protest camp and one woman’s ecstatic reaction to hearing the the Army Corps of Engineers had not granted an easement to the corporations behind the Dakota Access Pipeline, effectively putting a stop to their plans to build the $3.8 billion pipeline through Lake Oahe for now.

Protesters have been blocking construction efforts by the Energy Transfer Partners to construct the 1172-mile pipeline since the beginning of the summer – and their long months of suffering at the hands of a brutal militarized police force and corporate goons. The efforts to subdue the protesters started with attack dogs, mass arrests, and sexual humiliation; it ended with rubber bullets, water cannons, and concussion grenades.

It is rather curious that the demands of thousands of protesters went largely ignored by the mainstream media and the government until a force of two thousands veterans marched to Standing Rock to form a human shield. Days later, a government demand for the protesters to evacuate was dropped and permission for the fossil fuel corporation to build through the lake was abruptly denied.

While President-elect Trump may choose to reverse the decision when he takes office, the sacred lands of the Standing Rock Sioux and the health of Lake Oahe are safe for now.

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