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Trump’s National Security Pick Is A Deranged Conspiracy Theorist And Fake News Fan

Trump’s National Security Pick Is A Deranged Conspiracy Theorist And Fake News Fan

Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor is quickly being revealed to not only be a traitorous Putinist shill but a propagator of dangerous conspiracy theories as well. A search through Lt. General Michael Flynn’s (ret.) social media accounts reveals that the former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency has shared fake news stories sixteen times since August.

Flynn has shared outrageous stories that allege, for instance, that Hillary Clinton is involved with child-sex trafficking and was waging a secret war on the Catholic Church with billionaire George Soros.

He’s also insulted his commander-in-chief by sharing conspiracy theories that accuse the President of being a jihadi that funnels billions to terrorist groups. If that wasn’t enough, Flynn has also retweeted anti-Semitic sentiments and called the Islamic religion “sick.”

The influence these conspiracy theories can have on an extraordinarily gullible right-wing population made itself violently clear yesterday when a man walked into the Comet Ping-Pong pizzeria in Washington D.C. and opened fire with a rifle, looking for the underground child sex slaves he had read about on the internet.

The position of national security advisor is one of the most important in the White House, especially considering how unqualified and incompetent Donald Trump is already. When a crisis occurs, do we really want a crackpot conspiracy theorist with a fondness for Vladimir Putin whispering in the President’s ear? He lost his job in the Pentagon for his bizarre management style and “odd judgment.” Business Insider notes that:

Flynn’s critics also maintained that his management style was chaotic and that his aggressive push for changes often did not include an adequate follow-through.

A Trump administration is going to be chaotic enough already. It makes perfect sense that Trump would choose a man with a tenuous grasp on reality and an inability to control himself on social media, but this is a direct threat to our national security. Unfortunately, Flynn’s post does not require Senate confirmation, meaning Trump will have to fire him himself.


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