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This Near-Billionaire Just Purchased A Cabinet Seat On Trump’s Administration For $6 Million

This Near-Billionaire Just Purchased A Cabinet Seat On Trump’s Administration For $6 Million

Donald Trump just named multi-millionaire WWE wrestling executive Linda McMahon to head the Small Business Administration. As the Trump Foundation’s largest outside donor, McMahon contributed $5 million to the self-dealing “charity” that the Republican politician used to pay his legal settlements, buy self-portraits and to bribe his way into party circles for his 2015 primary campaign.

Aside from McMahon’s work in the fake sports arena, she’s best known for losing two high-profile Senate races in her home state of Connecticut, and according to The Hill, it cost her another $6 million in Super PAC donations for independent Trump campaign expenditures to land her patronage appointment:

She has donated millions of dollars to Republican candidates, causes and her own campaigns — including a $6 million donation to a pro-Trump super-PAC. McMahon, who lives in Connecticut, is a veteran of the state’s board of education. She also ran for Senate as a Republican in the state twice, losing to Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D) in 2010 and Sen. Chris Murphy (D) in 2012.

When asked why she donated so much money to Trump’s Foundation by the Washington Post’s top investigator who lifted the lid on most of the above-described abuses, McMahon gave this comment:

Linda McMahon has pretty limited government experience but will be placed in charge of an agency that lends out roughly $1.5 billion dollars per year across the nation to small businesses as diverse as doctor’s offices, restaurants, manufacturing companies and more. However, she is qualified in the only way that the Trump regime believes anyone is qualified to serve in government: Linda McMahon is worth $500 million dollars and has a long relationship with the real estate tycoon.

The reality is that while McMahon is on the poor side for an appointment to the Trump regime (which includes billionaires Wilbur Ross, Betsey DeVos and Andrew Pudzer just to name a few) with her net worth clocking in at half a billion dollars, she will fit right in with the Republican party’s 0.01% club in Washington, D.C. next year atop most of our federal government’s important appointed positions.

America’s oligarchy continues to reap the spoils of Republican working-class voters support, many who elected Donald Trump because he promised to “drain the swamp” – a legally meaningless term he used to convey the feeling of being “against the system.” Now that the votes are cast, instead of being anti-elite, Trump is rewarding his patrons by cutting out the middle man and installing the super-rich to do with our government as they see fit.

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Now that the oligarchy will directly control the federal government, expect their tax rates to plunge, America’s deficits to soar and the middle class to bear the brunt of paying higher taxes for the messes that Trump’s cronies inflict upon our nation.

This is just the latest in a long line of pay for play deals that Donald Trump has been brewing for years, and now that he’s the President-elect it’s time for him to reward his benefactors with the spoils of office.

Let’s not forget how much our current president-elect enjoyed being on WWE:

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