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VIDEO: Trump Whines After Time Calls Him Divisive “Person of The Year”

VIDEO: Trump Whines After Time Calls Him Divisive “Person of The Year”

Time Magazine blighted the cover of their publication by appropriately naming Donald Trump their “Person of the Year” for winning the title of “President of the Divided States of America,” after his campaign of lies, demagoguery and discrimination captured the projected electoral college vote. Donald Trump turned around and cried miserably  to Matt Lauer that he was given a “snarky” honor because Time Magazine published an honest description of the damage wrought by his successful Republican campaign, whose divisive politics that have inspired a wave of hate crimes.

Of course, Matt Lauer didn’t call Trump to task for accepting a major national award by pouting like a child but instead spent the precious few minutes allotted to question the President-elect on the record to ask him to stop watching Saturday Night Live.

NBC’s Today Show with Matt Lauer specifically has clearly become a “safe space” for the Republican President-elect in the mainstream media, since the oblivious morning show host allowed him to lie through his teeth about national security matters at the Commander-in-Chief forum this fall. Back then, Lauer’s biased questioning during the campaign returned focus to Hillary Clinton’s email from important matters Trump has never addressed in detail like America’s VA, or how to actually manage the intractable wars started by the Bush Administration’s false intelligence reports. Now, the man who refuses to even sit through the President’s Daily Briefing is going to be in charge of America’s homeland security, nuclear arsenal and foreign diplomacy in just under seven weeks, and we still don’t have a clue what he really plans to do besides offend the world.

So given the chance to directly, publicly and nationally question Trump’s many dangerous flaws when he’s avoided on-the-record press conferences for months, it’s no surprise that Lauer spent most of his time defending his network’s entertainment brand.

Time magazine has named every America’s president as their “Person of the Year” at least once since 1932, with President Obama capturing the honor in 2008 and 2012, and Republican George W. Bush holding the title in 2000 and 2004.

Sadly, the honor of Time’s “Person of the Year” is totally wasted on America’s worst person, who has just been elected to our country’s highest office with a blatant minority of the popular ballot, falling 2.67 million votes short of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

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