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Trump Fans Are Threatening The Kids Of Carrier Union’s President

Trump Fans Are Threatening The Kids Of Carrier Union’s President

Just when you think Donald Trump and his fans can’t sink any lower, they start ripping up the floorboards. On Wednesday night Trump went on one of his perpetual Twitter rants. Usually such displays serve merely to illustrate his imbecility and middle schooler-esque temperament, but it’s becoming alarmingly clear that the consequences from those rants can be deadly. Chuck Jones, the leader of the 1999 Steelworkers union who was brave enough to, in the demagogue-in-chief’s words,”tell it like it is” about Trump’s deceitful sham of a “deal” with Carrier, is now facing threats from Trump’s legions of basement-bound online worshippers – and his kids are as well.

Trump’s feud with Jones began on Tuesday when the union leader, disgusted by the president-elect’s cynical deception, told The Washington Post that Trump “lied his ass off” about the deal with United Technologies, Carrier’s parent company. That agreement, which Trump has presented as evidence that he will indeed save American jobs from the holy forces of the free market, actually consisted of the president-elect promising give $7 million in tax breaks to Carrier in exchange for the corporate giant moving 1,300 jobs to Mexico rather than 2,100. On top of that, the company will be raising prices by 5% to transfer the profit loss to consumers and many of the allegedly “saved” jobs will be lost to automation in the near future anyway.

But back to Chuck Jones. He was brave enough to spit in the face of Trump’s politically correct narrative and tell the hard truth about the disastrous Carrier deal. So Trump, being the shit cocktail of insecurity, narcissism, and callousness with delusions of grandeur on top that he is, could not resist going on one of his infamous Twitter rants in response to the insult. He claimed that Jones had “done a terrible job representing workers,” and that if his union “was any good they would have kept those jobs in Indiana.” Of course, like every other morsel of sludge and bile that issues from Trump’s mouth, these are lies. Trump made his deal with United Technologies unilaterally, without any input from the workers who were largely opposed to it, and if it weren’t for unions the jobs would either have been shipped to Bangladesh two decades ago or be occupied by thirteen year-old Hoosiers working twelve hour days.

None of this logic or fact has had any impact on the groveling hordes of Trump supporters who like to release their pent-up sexual frustration by harassing strangers on the internet. The truth is just a fabrication of the coastal liberal elite propaganda machine anyway, right? So barely a half hour after Trump tweeted his insults, Jones began receiving threatening phone calls.

“You better keep your eye on your kids, we’re coming for you, we know what car you drive, things like that,” he told MSNBC later last night. Admirably, Jones has been handling the situation with more civility than exists in the entirety of Trump’s voting base combined. He’s said that he’s “been doing this job for 30 years, and heard everything from people who want to burn my house down or shoot me.” He added that he’s “not concerned about it and I’m not getting anybody involved. I can deal with people that make stupid statements and move on.”

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The entire incident, however, is incredibly concerning. Not only will Trump abandon American workers and appease the whims of corporate giants, he will be proud to do it. Not only will he make horrible deals for the nation and its workers, he will tolerate no criticism of the destruction that ensues. Not only will his callous vanity compel him to slander an innocent man over harmless – and accurate – criticism, he has swarms of online brown shirts waiting to execute every order they receive from his precious Twitter page. The American people cannot let such behavior stand. Trump is a fool, a bully, an idiot, a bigot, and a sellout, but he is an incredibly dangerous one thanks to his fanatical and violent following. Fascism is creeping into the American body politic and if we don’t resist now, the doors to tyranny may soon be wide open.


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