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Watch Seth Meyers Tell The Media: “Call Them Nazis, NOT “Alt-Right!”

Watch Seth Meyers Tell The Media: “Call Them Nazis, NOT “Alt-Right!”

Late-night host Seth Meyers took the mainstream media to task last night during his show, calling them out for normalizing and whitewashing the “alt-right” white supremacist movement that has moved out of the depths of 4chan threads populated by resentful neckbeards and into the public sphere.

“Since the election of Donald Trump and the ascension of his right-hand man, Steve Bannon, there have been fears about the rise of white supremacy.“Yet the media seems to be bending over backwards to normalize the so-called alt-right movement.”

He’s absolutely right. The mainstream media has been working overtime to treat the alt-right white supremacist movement as just another legitimate entity in American politics, which is very odd because they also did their damnedest to paint Black Lives Matter as an illegitimate terrorist organization.

“Hey! Media! What are you doing?” Meyers asked. “How do you confuse hipsters with Nazis? Nazis like to invade other people’s territory and turn it into a utopia for the white race, whereas hipsters…now I see the confusion. But still!”

Meyers then unloads on them with a fury rarely seen on television media these days, saying “If it looks like a duck and talks like a duck and steps like a goose, it’s a Nazi. This is America! And if we’ve ever done anything we can all be proud of, it was defeating the Nazis. Get your shit together, media! Calling Nazis and white supremacists the alt-right is like calling O.J. Simpson a cutlery enthusiast.”

Watch it here:

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h/t to the Daily Beast

Some examples of media white-washing:




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