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Mitch McConnell Kept Pro-Trump Russia Hacks Secret. Then Trump Hired His Wife. Lock Him Up!

Mitch McConnell Kept Pro-Trump Russia Hacks Secret. Then Trump Hired His Wife. Lock Him Up!

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Republican Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) blocked a bi-partisan effort by the Obama administration and Congressmen of both parties to publicly expose Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election. During that time, the RNC knew that it had been hacked by the Russian government, but Putin was not releasing their messages, while only DNC emails were released to Wikileaks in a coordinated campaign.

McConnell also raised doubts about the veracity of a multi-agency, non-partisan federal investigation into Russia’s email hacking, which the CIA says in a bombshell report was done to assist Donald Trump.

According to several officials, McConnell raised doubts about the underlying intelligence and made clear to the administration that he would consider any effort by the White House to challenge the Russians publicly an act of partisan politics. Some of the Republicans in the briefing also seemed opposed to the idea of going public with such explosive allegations in the final stages of an election, a move that they argued would only rattle public confidence and play into Moscow’s hands. In September, during a secret briefing for congressional leaders, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) voiced doubts about the veracity of the intelligence, according to officials present.

Sen. McConnell strangely called challenging the Russians an act of “partisan politics,” not a matter of national security and after Trump’s surprising election the Kentucky Senator’s wife Elaine Chao was promptly named as a surprise Cabinet selection.

McConnell’s office did not respond to a request for comment. After the election, Trump chose McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, as his nominee for transportation secretary.

The mainstream media entirely missed the quid pro quo involved in Trump’s hire of the wife of a Republican congressional leader for a top role that nobody expected her to obtain.

Sadly, many mainstream media members, moderate Republicans and even uninformed Democrats view the choice of Elaine Chao as one of Trump’s better choices since she stayed at the Bush Administration for both entire terms. However, a report from the Justice Department says clearly that Chao violated federal law preventing partisan misuse of federal employment when she was Secretary of Labor. Because the federal law’s penalty is termination of employment and the report was issued three years after she left office, Chao got away with breaking the law scot-free.

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Now her husband is trying to do the same, hiding behind his Republican Senate Majority Leader’s office to direct his party’s nominee into the highest office in the land by turning a willful blind eye to coordination with a foreign government because it benefits his party.

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Sen. Mitch McConnnell’s shameful act of political cowardice deprived the public of crucial public determinations about foreign interference in this year’s elections should not go unpunished, like his wife’s violations of federal law.

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America needs an immediate and public revelation of the data showing Russian help for the Trump campaign, before the electoral college votes on December 19th. It is the duty of electors to screen out any man whose foreign influences make him unable to accept the high office of President of the United States.

Donald Trump must be screened out.


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